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Structures: Bridges or Sports Stadiums

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We are in the STEM Directories or read on for details of this exciting workshop for age 9-14.

Full or half day structures event for up to 200 pupils in teams of 4-6 to design sports stadiums or build and test bridges using A4 paper tubes. Using nothing but scrap A4 paper, masking tape, nuts and bolts, pupils will complete one of the following challenges:

  • Design and build a stadium for a sport of their choice then present it to judges
  • Design and build a bridge then test it using weights to find the strongest and/or most cost-effective

Both activities are very practical after a short introduction showing real-world examples. Estimating and costing can be included for additional maths content.

Science/maths subject knowledge:

  • forces, deformation, gravity
  • estimating, costing

Enquiry skills:

  • Working scientifically
  • Predicting and measuring

Other skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Co-operation
  • Following instructions
  • Problem solving
  • Presenting results

How much the workshop would cost:

  • This depends on size, duration and distance (from Surrey) – generally in the range £500-£950/day
  • Usually a full day session lasting most of the day.
  • Shorter sessions are possible but 4 hours is a minimum, the activity is interesting and challenging enough to fill a full day

Start saving old A4 paper then book your school hall and arrange for the event to take place.