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BJPCE Limited specialise in providing practical STEM workshops for schools or sponsored company events. All our activities are approved by the STEM Directories. For more information on any of our workshops or to make a booking please: Contact us

School workshops

LEGO Robotics Activity Day

LEGO Robotics with enough robots for pupils to work in pairs. Themes include space, environment and polar exploration. Age 9-14.

Structures: Bridges or Sports Stadiums

Structures are built using scrap A4 paper, masking tape, nuts and bolts. Options include forces testing of bridges or creative design of stadiums. Age 9-15.

LEGO WeDo Robotics for younger pupils

LEGO WeDo programmable models for pupils to work in pairs. Twelve different models each using motors and sensors. Age 6-9.

Water Rockets

Pupils build their own water rockets using 2 litre carbonated drinks bottles and scrap cardboard. Launched in a field up to 150m. Age 8-13.

FunMaths Puzzles

Huge variety of Mathematical Puzzles originating from the Liverpool University Maths Society. Up to 120 pupils per 1 hour session. Age 6-18.

LEGO Robotics Kit Rental

LEGO Robotics kit rental using either or both of LEGO WeDo or NXT Mindstorms. Lesson materials including videos included. Age 6-14.

Cars Maths in Motion Formula 1 Simulation

Students work together in small teams to set up virtual racing cars and then compete against each other in a Grand Prix type Formula 1 race. This activity involves using and applying a wide range of basic mathematical skills (some practical).

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