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STEM Projects

All our activities are approved by the STEM Directories. For more information on any of our workshops or to make a booking please: Contact us

Structures: Bridges or Sports Stadiums

Structures are built using scrap A4 paper, masking tape, nuts and bolts. Options include forces testing of bridges or creative design of stadiums. Age 9-15.

Water Rockets

Pupils build their own water rockets using 2 litre carbonated drinks bottles and scrap cardboard. Launched in a field up to 150m. Age 8-13.

FunMaths Puzzles

Huge variety of Mathematical Puzzles originating from the Liverpool University Maths Society. Up to 120 pupils per 1 hour session. Age 6-18.

LEGO Robotics Activity Day

LEGO Robotics with enough robots for pupils to work in pairs. Themes include space, environment and polar exploration. Age 9-14.

LEGO Robotics Kit Rental

LEGO Robotics kit rental using either or both of LEGO WeDo or NXT Mindstorms. Lesson materials including videos included. Age 6-14.

LEGO WeDo Robotics for younger pupils

LEGO WeDo programmable models for pupils to work in pairs. Twelve different models each using motors and sensors. Age 6-9.