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We are in the STEM Directories or read on for details of this exciting workshop for age 9-14.

A brief description of how the workshop would be run?:

  • Up to 18 programmable LEGO WeDo kits for the pupils to use (in pairs).
  • Build a model and program it to do some simple tasks with motors and sensors.
  • Programming can be done using simple LEGO block-programming software and/or Scratch

What age groups?:

  • Works best for ages 6-10 but any primary school age is fine.

Maximum number of children you can cater for?:

  • Working in pairs is best but threes can work
  • Usually run in a classroom with up to 36 pupils at a time but, if a bigger space is available, larger groups can be catered for
  • Each session generally 1-1.5 hours so normally 3 sessions in a day but can squeeze in 4.

It is easier if the school provides the computers/laptops (I provide the software) but I can arrange laptops if necessary.

How much the workshop would cost:

  • This depends on size, duration and distance (from Surrey) – generally in the range £500-£950/day
  • Usually 3 sessions of 60-90 minutes although I sometimes squeeze in a fourth session depending on the school’s timetable
  • Half days and/or after-school sessions also work well

Kits are also available to rent if you prefer to run sessions yourself or would like to continue after the activity day.

The skills pupils will be using are:

  • Follow instructions to build Lego models (one between 2)
  • Simple programming/debugging (move, speed, stop, react to sensor)
  • Simple sensor use
  • Extension activity for each model
  • 12 different models in total (pupils usually build 2-3 per session):
  • Themed “invent your own” model options also available for topics such as Space and Polar Exploration

This lines up very well with many requirements of the primary KS1 and KS2 computing curriculum (published 2014/15).