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For teacher training on the VEXIQ please click: contact us.

Training covers:

  • Building with the VEXIQ robot kits
  • "Automonous mode" programming of the robot sensors and motors using Modkit software (RobotC, Flowol and Python options coming soon)
  • "Controller mode" programming of the robot and a wireless controller allowing flexible user control
  • Introduction to curriculum materials available for use in class

Example curriculum materials include:


Curriculum Outline:
Unit 1: It’s Your Future - Learn about STEM, engineering, and robotics
Unit 2: Let’s Get Started - Learn about VEX IQ, the Controller, and the Robot Brain
Unit 3: Your First Robot - Build and test Clawbot IQ
Unit 4: Simple Machines & Motion - Explore Levers, Pulleys, Pendulums, & more
Unit 5: Chain Reaction Challenge - Design fun devices using Simple Machines
Unit 6: Key Concepts - Explore and apply science and math that engineers use
Unit 7: Mechanisms – Motors, Gear Ratio, Drivetrains, Object Manipulation & more
Unit 8: Add it Up Challenge - Build a challenge-ready teleoperated robot
Unit 9: Smart Machines - Learn how sensors work and the basics of programming
Unit 10: Chain Reaction Programming Challenge - Apply sensor and programming knowledge to automate fun devices
Unit 11: More Smart Machines - Expand your knowledge of sensors and programming
Unit 12: Add it Up Programming Challenge - Build a challenge-ready autonomous robot